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Residential Heat Pumps

Your desert city home should be welcoming and comfortable the moment you open your front door. A heat pump can play an essential role in making that possible. Heat pumps are a Sunlogix specialty. We can both install a new heat pump for you—or be the company you call whenever you need maintenance or repairs. Sunlogix does it all!
Heat Pump Installation

The Desert Tech Consultation Process

A licensed engineer and not a salesperson or consultant will visit your home. The engineer will conduct a complete analysis of your home and existing equipment.

Sunlogix engineers are trained in the latest developments in the cooling and heating industry. They are passionate about creating solutions to ensure the comfort of our customers.

The Sunlogix engineer will:

What is a Heat Pump?

An air conditioner can remove heat from inside your home, and push it to the outdoors. By removing the heat, cool air circulates back into the house. So, in reality, an air conditioner does not ADD cold to the air in your home—it REMOVES heat from the air. There are even Federal tax credits available for the installation of heat pumps.

So how is a heat pump different from an air conditioner? Air conditioners can only pump heat in one direction—from the inside to the outside. However, a heat pump can pump heat in both directions. It can remove heat from the air inside your house, pump it outside, reverse the process to extract heat from the outdoors, and pump it into your home. With this two-direction capability, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling. So, unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump efficiently provides BOTH cooling and heating.

It may seem a bit confusing as to just how a heat pump can provide heating when it’s cold outside. Well, consider that the air inside your refrigerator and freezer is cold or frigid. However, it can still transfer any heat from inside the fridge and freezer to the coils in the back. You can feel the heat coming off the back of the appliance. There is always heat energy in cold environments. The temperatures would have to be very cold, such as in the icy northern climates, for this process not to work.

In summary, heat pumps work great in our desert climate. They are an excellent choice for cooling and heating your desert home.

Residential Heat Pump Repair

Our experienced technicians will work promptly and efficiently to detect your heat pump’s problem and pinpoint what exactly needs to be fixed. They will get your unit back to normal. No matter the issue, big or small, our technicians will cater to your needs and ensure your system is working to its maximum ability. Whether you suspect a leak, a problem with the sensor, or an electric control failure, call our technicians and get your unit working like new again!

Electric, Gas or Geothermal - We Offer Complete Service

Sunlogix has over 39 years of experience installing, servicing and repairing heat pumps in the Coachella Valley area. Sunlogix can both install a new heat pump for you in for your Coachella Valley home or be the company you call whenever you need maintenance or repairs. Sunlogix does it all!
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