We appreciate your interest in solar with Sunlogix Energy. We are honored to serve the Coachella Valley area by helping friends and neighbors save money on their electric bill and we look forward to lowering yours as well.

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About Sunlogix

Sunlogix Energy is a leading full-service solar solution at the forefront of creating a sustainable planet that is powered by the sun. We provide solar solutions for residential and commercial customers in Coachella Valley, Southern California. Our goal is to provide full customer satisfaction by offering premium quality products and professional installation with our solar tech experts at an exceptional value.

Why Are We The Best?

Within our process, we strive to educate clients on renewable energy to help them define their goals within their home and business, analyze solar options, and make the best decisions. 

We know California receives a substantial amount of sunlight and we want to harness it. Together, we see a brighter future with solar energy and promise to continue leading the solar generation by providing the best products along with top of the line certified and professional employees.