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All About Solar Power by Sunlogix Energy

About Solar

Solar power is generated from the sun into electricity and is truly an unlimited source of energy that is the future of clean energy. The sun constantly gives off energy and by utilizing solar energy we are able to harvest this into solar kits to provide power to our homes, businesses, vehicles, and more. Solar energy is a clean source of energy, which means it emits no greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, leaving the air you’re breathing clean.

How Solar Panels Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar Panels in Palm Desert, CA

Numbers Speak for Themselves

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Why Solar?

The benefits to going solar can encompass many reasons ranging from economic, environmental or personal. Choosing to utilize the power of solar energy has its benefits for anyone.

  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Earn a return on investment
  • Stable energy costs
  • Increase your property value
  • Protect the environment
  • Increase U.S. energy independence
  • Unlimited energy source
  • Easy and safe for the community

“Just had solar put on my house. The experience with Glenn and his team was very easy and professional. I highly recommend! I am also saving $260/mo! which is huge for me and my family”

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