Coachella Valley Solar Panel Service and Troubleshooting

Sunlogix Energy is your reliable partner not only when it comes to installing your solar energy system but also your partner in repair and maintenance. We provide a full-service solar panel maintenance and repair team to give you the best service you deserve. Whether you have basic inquiries about your solar panels or feel as though your solar panels are not working to its maximum potential our team of energy experts will come to help.

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Our Coachella Valley solar panel inspection experts are always ready to service your solar energy system. Some of the services we provide include:

Solar Panel System Inspection

We will provide you with a full analysis on your solar panel diagnosis so you can better understand your solar panel potential and we will help you make more informed decisions on what the next steps you can take

Comprehensive Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panels clean ensures your home or business is receiving the maximum potential of solar energy. More importantly, we can see if your solar panels are being interrupted by plants or any wildlife

Solar Panel Repair

We will work with you to repair your solar panels if they have been damaged and aren’t producing the energy that is expected.

Solar Energy System Inspection in the Coachella Valley

Having a full solar energy system inspection helps define your solar panels strengths and weaknesses to establish a full report on its production of energy. If your system has reached its use and it’s time for an upgrade or you want to verify its production of energy then your solar energy system can benefit from a full system inspection. If you’re living in the areas of Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Palm Springs or surrounding areas we’re sure you’re aware of the wildlife and weather that can damage your solar panels. Having your system inspected will verify your solar panels are working properly.

Solar Panel Cleaning in the Coachella Valley

Dirty Solar Panels Decrease Productivity

When you have dirty solar panels, this decreases the amount of energy your solar panels produce. When we clean your solar panels our energy experts make sure the debris or any visual items are not hindering your solar energy systems production.

Solar Energy Battery Storage in the Coachella Valley

We would recommend looking into solar energy battery storage in order to better prepare your home or business. The battery storage is perfect in an emergency and you require an energy backup. As we’re all well aware the Coachella Valley is prone to flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires. Having a battery storage will keep your home and business safe in case of any emergency. Our energy consultants will assist you in selecting the battery that works best for you.