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Why Sunlogix Energy Uses LG Solar Panels

LG solar panels have consistently outperformed competitors in wattage output, efficiency, and long-term reliability. In addition, with LG solar panels you get the best warranties and most importantly the solar panels are built to last. This warranty covers all of the components of the solar panels and due to the high quality of LG solar panels, any issues that could arise with solar panels are slim to none. With the 25 year warranty, LG Neon R modules are guaranteed to produce at least 90.8% of their labeled power output!

By using LG solar panels, our Coachella Valley solar team can deliver the best solar experience you can expect. This will result in eliminating your utility bill or reducing a large portion of it if the usage is consistent.

Through state-of-the-art technology, our solar installers and solar experts are committed to providing quality products and industry-leading warranties to ensure your solar panels last for years to come.

At Sunlogix Energy, we sell, install, and service LG solar panels. If you are wondering which solar panels are the best in business our solar experts can give you more information on the different solar options you have.

Industry Leading Solar Warranties

Product Warranty

LG solar panels are designed to last, which is why they have one of the best warranties in the business. It covers all of the actual components of the solar panels. Because of the high quality of LG solar panels, issues with the actual product are very rare.

Performance Warranty

Over time, panels lose efficiency, but with LG solar panels there is a very low degradation rate for the panels. At 25 years, NeON® R modules are guaranteed to produce at least 90.8% of their labeled power output.

Output Warranty Chart by Sunlogix Energy
25 year workmanship warranty

Workmanship Warranty

At Sunlogix Energy, we provide 25-year workmanship warranty to guarantee your satisfaction with your overall solar experience. 

Sunlogix Energy Makes LG Solar Panels Affordable

At Sunlogix Energy, we give you multiple options and opportunities for purchasing and leasing LG panels.

Purchase LG Solar Panels

 Increase your long term savings and protect yourself from future rate increases.

Lease LG Solar Panels

Save instantly with zero down payment and free installation with a fixed rate.

Other Options

Take advantage of other options like loans through Sungage financial or a home  equity loan.

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