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The cost benefit of going solar doesn’t just end with lower energy costs. Sunlogix Energy offers a brand ambassador program to realtors, customers and non-customers who are looking to benefit and earn a commission through our solar brand ambassador program. Becoming a Brand Ambassador for Sunlogix Energy gives you the opportunity to share the benefits of going solar to your clients that are looking to purchase a home, friends, and family which contributes to a more sustainable planet.

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Realtors all over California are interested in the value that solar provides homes and businesses. Similarly to a renovated kitchen or a completely finished basement, having solar panels installed to a home increases the property value. In addition, it’s been shown throughout the United States that solar panels installed on homes increase the speed in which a home is sold! By utilizing the value solar panels bring to a home, as a real estate agent and a brand ambassador with Sunlogix you can easily leverage the premium boosting power of a solar system to help sell or refinance these homes. 

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