8000 kW DIY LG Solar Kit





Product Description

If are looking to eliminate your electric bill completely, then the 8kW LG solar kit will be more than enough to power your home. Generally, an 8kW Solar Kit requires about 600 square feet of space install. The power that is generated from this solar kit will be based on location, installation, and equipment. Our DIY Solar kits include everything you’ll need to get your solar panels installed properly.

What is included in the 8kW LG solar kit?

  • 24 LG 345
  • 24 Enphase IQ7plus system
  • 24 Enphase portrait trunk cable
  • 1 Enphase IQ envoy with combiner
  • 18 Ironridge xr 10
  • 54 Ironridge mid clamps
  • 12 Ironridge end clamp sleeves
  • 18 Ironridge xr 10 splice kits
  • 50 Pegasus Comp mounts


  • Weight: 1066.56 oz

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