5000 kW DIY LG Solar Kit





Product Description

Our Solar kits include everything you’ll need to install your solar panels. Our 5000kW DIY LG solar kits are a popular choice when it comes to a residential solar system. If you are like the average electricity consumer, then our 5kW LG Solar kit is right for you. This solar kit includes LG solar panels, inverters, and a racking system.

What is included in the 5kW LG solar kit?

  • 15 LG 345
  • 15 Enphase IQ7plus system
  • 15 Enphase portrait trunk cable
  • 1 Enphase IQ envoy with combiner
  • 10 Ironridge xr 10
  • 34 Ironridge mid clamps
  • 10 Ironridge end clamp sleeves
  • 8 Ironridge xr 10 splice kits
  • 35 Pegasus Comp mounts


  • Weight: 1066.56 oz

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