4000 kW DIY LG Solar Kit





Product Description

This high-efficiency LG Solar power system generates 4.14kW of grid-tied electricity. This 4kW Solar kit provides everything you’ll need to get your solar panels installed. Our DIY solar kits include industry leading solar panels, inverters, and racking systems. This kit is specifically designed to make installing solar panels simple and easy to do.

What is included in the 4kW LG solar kit?

  • 12 LG 345
  • 12 Enphase IQ7plus system
  • 12 Enphase portrait trunk cable
  • 1 Enphase IQ envoy with combiner
  • 8 Ironridge xr 10
  • 28 Ironridge mid clamps
  • 8 Ironridge end clamp sleeves
  • 6 Ironridge xr 10 splice kits
  • 24 Pegasus Comp mounts


  • Weight: 1066.56 oz

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