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Panasonic Solar Panel

Panasonic Solar Panels in the Coachella Valley

Why Sunlogix Energy Uses Panasonic Solar Panels

You’ve been hearing about solar from trusted sources like friends, family, neighbors and experts in the field. You’re starting to see panels all around you and now you want to know more. A home solar purchase is a big decision and a smart one. Panasonic wants to make sure you do it right. Panasonic authorized installers bring you best-in-class solar and battery storage technology and a hassle-free process to get you started. Get ready to take the next step toward a cleaner, more energy-independent future. Continue the journey with a name you know you can trust: Panasonic. Working with an authorized Panasonic installer like Sunlogix Energy, Panasonic is here to support you through every phase of ownership.

Products & Key Features

Get one step closer to grid independence with the Panasonic Total Home Energy System. Built to deliver with zero hassle and zero worries from one of America’s most trusted brands.

Solar + storage all from one company: The Panasonic Total Home Energy System

Panasonic solar panels produce an abundance of electricity while the sun shines. Panasonic’s Evervolt® battery storage system collects and stores the excess energy your panels generate during the day which you can use for instant backup power during blackouts and peak rate

A 25-year panel warranty as reliable as the company standing behind it

Only the best-made modules generate solar power consistently through the years. Panasonic high efficiency solar panels come in a wide range of wattage options and yield more clean electricity for decades, guaranteed. Panasonic panels offer one of the lowest degradation rates in the industry so you’ll enjoy the biggest return over the life of your Panasonic solar system.

Panasonic solar panels come with a comprehensive warranty from Panasonic covering product, performance, parts, and labor* for 25 years. (*note: panels must be installed by a Panasonic authorized installer to receive 25-year labor warranty)

A guaranteed minimum 90.76 – 92% rated power output after 25 years means you’ll produce more free electricity and save more money year after year. That’s less than 10% degradation after two and a half decades of service, which is among the highest performing modules available today.

In year 25, your Panasonic panels will perform like nearly new – guaranteed by Panasonic – giving you peace of mind that your clean energy investment is secure for the long run.

EverVolt® home battery storage: Standby power with or without solar

EverVolt® battery storage systems provide a complete home battery system supported and warrantied by one of the world’s true battery pioneers – Panasonic.

Tap into your personal energy store and protect your property from grid failures, power shut- offs, and expensive time-of-use rates. Even if your home doesn’t have solar panels yet, you can rely on hours of backup power during outages with your EverVolt storage system.

Run key appliances longer and live life when the unexpected happens. Renewable stored power from EverVolt is the perfect backup plan for protection against an uncertain utility grid and weather events.

Sunlogix Energy Makes Solar Panels Affordable

At Sunlogix Energy, we give you multiple options and opportunities for purchasing and leasing panels.

Purchase Solar Panels

 Increase your long term savings and protect yourself from future rate increases.

Lease Solar Panels

Save instantly with zero down payment and free installation with a fixed rate.

Other Options

Take advantage of other options like loans through Sungage financial or a home  equity loan.

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