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What is the Cost of Solar Panel Battery Storage?

As the cost of solar panels decreases, more and more households and businesses are transitioning to renewable energy sources. While solar panels generate energy while the sun is up, they don’t produce energy when the sun goes down. Enter solar panel battery storage, a solution that allows homeowners to store excess solar energy produced during the day for use at night or when demand is high. However, what is the cost of solar panel battery storage, and what are the benefits it provides those with solar power? In this blog post, we’ll explore the costs per kWh of storing solar energy and the cherished benefits they provide to those who have installed solar panels.

The Cost of Solar Panel Battery Storage

The cost of solar panel battery storage varies widely based on the capacity of the battery, the battery’s discharge level, and the solar battery company. A professional installer will quote average prices; however, consumers should anticipate paying between $500 and $1,500 per kWh of installed storage. This price accounts for the battery, equipment, and installation costs, so the expense of the installation may be daunting at first. Nonetheless, a battery can last between 10 and 15 years, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.

The Benefits of Solar Panel Battery Storage

Now that we’ve discussed the expenses necessary to install solar panel battery storage, we’ll cover the benefits it provides. It’s critical to comprehend that the investment pays off over time, and battery storage provides significant advantages that make it worthwhile. Homeowners with solar power systems can save money by avoiding peak-time energy usage, which occurs in the late afternoon and around sunset. With battery storage, you have extra padding, making it easier to prevent ramping up to a higher grid rate, lowering your energy bill substantially.

Furthermore, solar panel battery storage provides some degree of independence from the power grid. If a power outage occurred, energy generated from the solar panels would remain accessible if it is harnessed via a battery storage system. In other words, the battery stores the excess energy produced by the solar panels, which then powers the home during a power grid interruption.

It’s worth noting that battery storage capacity isn’t infinite, meaning homes with smaller battery systems may not be able to provide enough energy to sustain periods of increased power demands. However, it is possible to tailor-make systems to meet individual homeowners’ requirements.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Incorporating solar panel battery storage into a solar power system boosts its energy efficiency. Because battery storage solutions allow homeowners to store solar energy produced during sunny hours, it provides instant access to electricity at night, particularly when demand is high. Battery storage ensures that the energy produced by a solar power system is used to provide power, creating a comprehensive energy solution. As a result, homeowners with solar panel battery storage solutions have a more reliable and efficient solar power system.

Solar Panel Battery Storage: An Investment Worth Considering!

The cost of solar panel battery storage is a significant investment, but it provides a range of advantages that come with installing and adopting renewable energy technologies. These battery storage solutions provide an economical approach to store solar power, allowing homeowners to save money on energy bills and provide a source of energy during power outages. Solar power systems with battery storage solutions have a positive impact on the environment, are efficient, and promote independence from the power grid. Sunlogix Energy offers a wide range of solar panel solutions and will help homeowners choose the best option to fit their needs. Contact Sunlogix Energy at (760) 209-5041 today in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indian Wells, Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Imperial, and Tucson, AZ!

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