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Why Sunlogix Energy Uses Maxeon Solar Panels

Choosing a solar panel can be a once-in-a-lifetime decision, but only if you invest in a technology built and tested for the long term.

Standard solar panels are produced and tested in ideal lab conditions—equivalent to noon on a clear summer day. Your panels will need to power through all types of weather conditions to provide the energy you need.

With Maxeon panels, you are protected from the most common failure points in standard solar In addition to their durability, they are proven to perform better in shade from passing clouds or soiling built up over time. This protects your panels from developing hot-spots—an electrical failure that occurs when standard cells heat up and shade blocks their ability to create energy.

More Energy For Your Money

Maxeon panels begin creating more energy than standard solar panels on their very first day. Each panel is designed to maximize power conversion from sunlight to electricity for your home by:
  • Operating at a lower temperature to increase power production in hot, sunny conditions.
  • Capturing more sun in low light to ensure your panels are creating power earlier in the morning, later in the evening, and on cloudy days.
When coupled with an industry-leading 40-year warranty, Maxeon panels multiply in value and provide a better return on your solar investment.
Maxeon Degradation Graph
Courtesy of Maxeon Solar Technologies

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