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Why & How to Add More Solar Panels

Why & How to Add More Solar Panels

Increasing Your Solar Output with Additional Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your commercial or residential solar energy system is more complicated than just buying new ones and hooking them up. It will take consideration of several factors as well as professional installation. At Sun Logix, we can help you determine what panels are compatible with your system, how many you can add, and help with the installation process. Our team can help you increase your solar output and get the most out of your system.

Call Sun Logix today to speak with our Coachella Valley solar installers and get started increasing your solar output for your home or business.

Why Add More Solar Panels to Your Solar Energy System

There are several reasons that you may be considering adding more panels to your existing solar energy system:

  • Your existing panels are small, large, outdated, or the system is undersized. If your system was built when panels were larger and produced less, it may be time to increase the number of panels or update your system.
  • Your energy usage has increased. If you added new appliances or bought a new electric vehicle, you may notice that your energy usage increased. This would be a good sign that your panels may be inadequate.
  • You remodeled or expanded. If you remodeled your home or increased the square footage of your business space, you may want to increase your solar energy system to have access to more energy. Adding panels can help you accommodate increases in energy use due to a bigger home or business.

Factors to Consider Before Adding More Solar Panels

Before you purchase additional panels for your solar energy system, consider the following factors:

  • Energy needs. Your new energy needs can be calculated by examining the impact of your solar on your electric bill and how you can further reduce your grid energy usage.
  • Space. Determine what additional space you have available for additional panels. Consider rooftop space, external structures like patios or carports, or even ground mount space.
  • Compatibility. Compatibility will be based on what panels were used for your original installation. Your panels may or may not be compatible with new panels and you will want to install the same kind of panels as your existing system, ensuring they will match the individual power output, efficiency, connections, and aesthetic.
  • Inverter. You will need to determine if your inverter can handle the increase in energy output, and if not, will you replace it?

How to Add New Panels to Your Existing System

Your professional solar panel installers will help you decide if you will do a rooftop, ground mount, or external structure mount for your new panels and how many you can install. One factor in this decision may be the shade coverage for your roof. If you can trim trees and reduce your shade coverage, it may free up roof space for additional panels. Panel options will be based on your existing system age, if those panels are still available, and how many you add.

When you are ready to add solar panels to your existing residential or commercial solar system, you will need to determine if you will need permits for the added solar panels. This may be dependent upon whether you are installing a new inverter or additional inverters to your system. Your solar installers can also help you determine the avenues to speak with your utility company to let them know your solar output is going to increase, an important step for grid-tied solar systems.

Once you have space, permits, and utility notifications handled, the professional panel installers can help update your system with new panels, new inverters if needed, and the connection updates you need to enjoy more power.

Call Sun Logix to Increase Your Solar System Output in the Coachella Valley

If you need more energy to run your home or business, the Coachella Valley solar panel installers at Sun Logix can help. We can work with you to determine your energy needs, understand which panels will work with your existing system, and what steps to take to move forward. Let our solar professionals help you power your home or business with increased solar.

Request a quote from the Coachella Valley solar installation professionals at Sun Logix today.

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