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What is Title 24 and What Does It Mean for Californians?

Starting on January 1, 2020, all new construction or additions to commercial properties or residential buildings in California will be required to meet the net-zero electricity guidelines. You should expect Title 24 to impact residential homeowners as it applies to dwelling units (ADUs) also referred to as secondary units, cottages, or granny flats. These solar standards encourage demand for battery storage and heat pump water heaters to improve the building’s overall energy savings.

What is Title 24 and Why is it Important?

Californias recently passed Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards which was put in place to promote sustainability. This ensures that new buildings and existing buildings are achieving energy efficiency and preserving outdoor and indoor environmental standards and requirements. This applies to alterations, repairs, additions, and new buildings in addition to Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs. ADUs are dwelling units that are either detached or attached from the main house that already exists on the property. If you have decided to start an ADU project for your residential unit, you would have to adhere to the energy standards to reduce energy consumption by adding solar panels to your home. ADUs are required to include solar energy systems that have the ability to generate enough electricity to offset the dwelling’s annual electrical consumption.

What are the California Title 24 Requirements?

Meeting the Title 24 net-zero electricity guidelines means you are reducing the use of carbon-based fossil fuels by offsetting the amount of power that is consumed with a source that can generate that electricity. As a result, the total amount of energy that your property consumes annually is required to equally or approximately provide the same amount of renewable energy that is generated. As of 2020, the guideline states that you must add a generous-sized solar energy system to your new property. Keep in mind that every city in California may have particular or more stringent instructions on their city standards. For example, half a dozen California cities have opted to make rooftop solar systems mandatory and you may be eligible for rooftop solar compliance credit.

How can high-efficiency solar modules help meet these standards?

By using high-efficiency solar modules you can help meet the minimum Title 24 requirements in a cost-effective way. By utilizing higher efficiency models gives you the ability to use fewer modules which can offset the balance of system and installation costs. At Sunlogix Energy, we use the best solar panels available such as the LG solar panels that help increase power output and are considered more durable than other solar panels.

So, what are your next steps as a homeowner?

Work with a trusted solar company in California to help get you started. Most importantly, work with an experienced partner that will work with your budget and get you the best deal. At Sunlogix Energy, we are partnered with experienced home builders, contractors, and rooftop specialists that are able to access your wants and needs when it comes to meeting California’s Title 24 requirements. Lastly, we work with LG solar panels that are backed by 25 years of warranty that covers the components as well as labor and performance. If you need a quote or have a question about installing solar panels to your new home then you can request a free quote online or give us a call at 760-531-4400 for more information.


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