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What is the Best Solar System for a Hot Climate?

What Is the Best Solar System for a Hot Desert Climate?

Solar Panel Tips for When the Temperatures Rise from SunLogix

It is no secret that extreme heat can take a toll on solar panel output, but this effect depends on the type of panels you have and their installation. The electricity generated by solar panels comes from the flow of electrons within the electrical circuit. When temperatures soar, the electrons become too active, bouncing around too much, and reduce their voltage (the electricity they generate). Excessive heat also reduces the panel’s efficiency.

At SunLogix, our team can help you choose the best panels and best configuration for your home or commercial building. We know that Southern California’s heat can be overwhelming, so we do our best to ensure your panels are as cool as possible.

Call the Coachella Valley solar experts at SunLogix today to discuss what we can do for you.

Which Solar Panels Do Best in High Temperatures?

The biggest component of solar panels is silicon. Crystalline silicon cells are typically better in high temperatures, due in part to lower temperature coefficiency. Temperature coefficiency represents the ratio of how much output the cells lose when hotter. Lower coefficiency equates to higher performance and ability to withstand heat.

Monocrystalline silicon solar panels are made from single silicon crystal cells. Their atoms fair better at higher temps than polycrystalline silicon because of the crystal arrangement. Single silicon crystal enables a smoother flow of electrons, reducing electrical losses.

Panels that have light reflective surfaces and are lighter in color will also reduce the heat they absorb. Additionally, installing the components for the solar system in the shade or within a cooled structure will help reduce overall heat. Thin film is an additional technology utilized to beat the high temperature’s effects on solar panel production.

At SunLogix, we carry the brands that are best fit for our climate here in Southern California. The solar panel brands we use that produce best in the heat include Panasonic, Maxeon, REC, and QCells.

How Installation Helps Panel Efficiency

One of the biggest ways to help cool your solar panels is to properly install them for airflow around the panels. Mounting the panels several inches above the roof helps airflow beneath and around the panels, keeping them cooler.

Solar System Installation with SunLogix

For a solar system that gives you the highest output possible, trust the experts at SunLogix. We are your local solar panel experts that understand the needs of a high-temperature climate. Let our team design the best system for your solar energy needs so you can rely on your panels all year long.

Solar energy helps you find relief from high energy bills, have energy independence, and use energy when and how you want to. The Coachella Valley solar installers at SunLogix are here from installation to battery storage and to answer your solar questions.

Call SunLogix today to schedule an installation or speak with our team about the solar systems we have to offer.

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