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Rooftop Solar Installations in Palm Desert, CA

What are Commercial Solar Power Systems?

If you’re building a commercial property, you’ll obviously need to set that property up with electrical energy. Whether you are building something new or operating a business from an existing property, a commercial solar system is something you might want to consider. What are commercial solar power systems? Larger than residential solar power systems, they’re used to power commercial properties, reducing or eliminating their reliance on traditional energy sources. Why are businesses choosing to make the shift to solar energy?

  • One of the best reasons for installing a solar system is that it will reduce your energy costs. When your business uses solar energy to produce its own power, you can lower your utility costs significantly. In some cases, your solar panels will produce enough energy for you to run your business with no outside power. If you have a grid-connected solar power system, you can earn bill credits through net metering. Any way you look at it, it’s a smart move, because utility costs are on the rise, but a solar energy system can stabilize your costs.
  • Solar energy system costs are decreasing, creating a higher return on investment. Federal and state tax rebates and incentives are making it more affordable to switch to solar. In fact, in some cases these incentives can knock anywhere from 45 to 80 percent off of the cost of your system.
  • You don’t need a large roof for a large solar installation. If your building’s roof doesn’t lend itself to commercial solar panel installation, a ground mount system is a possibility. If your building needs a new roof, the perfect time to install a solar power system is when you’re replacing the roof. The roofing contractor can install the solar array supports and seal them, making it easy to install the array on the supports.
  • Commercial solar is good PR for your business. Environmental concerns are important to most consumers, and installing solar is a good way to show that your business cares about the planet. In some cases, businesses can become carbon neutral by installing a solar power system that completely offsets their carbon footprint. Your marketing literature can make the most of this fact to show your clientele that you’re a forward-thinking, green business.
  • Many different types of commercial properties can benefit from a solar energy system. Office buildings, warehouses, and light manufacturing facilities can utilize solar, but so can hotels, wineries, and golf resorts. Even banks, pharmacies, auto repair shops, community centers, and schools can use solar power to offset their costs and environmental impact, as long as there is a large, open roof or ground space.

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