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The Benefits of Commercial Solar and Battery Storage

The Benefits of Commercial Solar and Battery Storage

Coachella Valley Commercial Solar Energy Solutions Benefit Your Business

Switching to solar for your commercial property is a beneficial investment for your business, and with battery storage, you can gain even more energy independence and self-sufficiency. At Sun Logix, our Coachella Valley commercial solar experts can help you evaluate your energy needs, determine the size system you need, and choose the products that will work best for your business. We can help you build the solar energy system and storage that can protect your business from blackouts and offer you the freedom to run your system when and how you want to.

Call the Coachella Valley commercial solar experts at Sun Logix today and let us help you harness the sun’s renewable energy.

6 Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy and Solar Storage

There are plenty of reasons to switch to solar for your commercial property, and including battery storage helps amplify the benefits even more.

Here are six reasons to go solar for your business:

  1. Save money by cutting operational costs. Solar energy and solar storage can reduce or even eliminate your energy costs, helping to save money and reduce operational costs. With solar storage, you can use the excess energy you produce during peak hours to keep your business running when the sun goes down.
  2. Increase property value. Installing solar panels and battery storage creates a more self-sufficient property, and energy efficiency and self-sufficiency help to increase the value of your property. A property that has the ability to go off the grid in an emergency, with the addition of solar and storage, is an increased investment towards the future.
  3. Earn tax credits. Switching to solar can earn your business tax credits, helping add to savings and offset the cost of installation.
  4. Protect against power outages. With solar power and storage, your business can continue to function even when the grid is down. Solar battery storage provides backup from your system’s energy production, so even during natural disasters, rolling blackouts, or grid instability, you can still access solar energy.
  5. Help company branding. Using renewable solar energy helps reduce your business’s carbon footprint, decreases your reliance on the grid, and reduces your consumption of fossil fuels. As renewable energy grows in mainstream popularity, many customers exclusively choose companies that are environmentally friendly as a way to further their efforts toward a greener future. Switching to solar shows your customers that you care about the environment and how your business interacts with the community.
  6. Protection from increasing utility costs. Solar energy helps shield your business from changes and increases in energy costs. With battery storage and access to your excess solar energy, you can avoid time-of-use energy price hikes and reap the full benefits of your solar production.

Switch to Commercial Solar in the Coachella Valley with Sun Logix

Solar energy elevates your business, increases brand positivity, and increases your bottom line. Let our expert commercial solar installers at Sun Logix help your Coachella Valley business find freedom in solar, so you don’t have to worry about increasing energy costs or losing function during blackouts. Our Coachella Valley solar experts are here to help you have confidence in choosing solar, providing product information, insight into your energy use, and how solar can change how you interact with the grid.

Call Sun Logix today and speak with our Coachella Valley commercial solar team.

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