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Solar Power in Palm Springs and Palm Desert

There are benefits to installing a solar panel system at your home, no matter where you live. Solar energy can lower your utility costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and provide many other advantages, including contributing to energy independence and supporting local businesses. For homeowners in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, residential solar is a particularly good investment.

Why? First, the price of solar is lower in Palm Springs and Palm Desert than in the rest of California. This makes the idea of moving to solar energy particularly appealing. The average cost of energy in California is higher than the national average by nearly five cents per kilowatt hour at 17.74¢, so reducing that by harnessing the natural power of the abundant sunlight in this region makes sense.

Palm Springs and Palm Desert are two of the sunniest places in the United States. These two areas average more than six hours of sunlight each day, with very few cloudy and overcasts days. This allows solar panels to work at maximum capacity almost every day, reducing or even eliminating a home’s energy bills.

Further, there are many incentives and rebates available for homeowners installing solar energy systems on their homes in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. The Federal Renewable Investment Tax Credit is a 30 percent tax credit towards the installation of solar panels, and though that percentage was set to drop off beginning next year, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 extended it, keeping that 30 percent in place for the next ten years. In California, there’s also the Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems, which means that homeowners may qualify for a tax exemption of over 75 percent of their system’s total value. Additionally, local rebates may be available.

Another benefit for California residents is that utility companies in California are required to offer net metering to customers with a solar power system. When you use net metering, you can receive compensation for extra energy your system produces. For instance, if you’re not home during the day, the energy that your system is producing but not using will go back into the utility grid. You’ll get credits towards your monthly bill for this excess energy. This means that if you install solar energy in your home in Palm Springs or Palm Desert, you could actually cancel out your energy bill entirely.

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