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Questions To Ask When Comparing Solar Companies in California

When you start your research to choosing the right solar company you might have a few questions along the way! We have compiled a few questions to ask when comparing solar companies in California.

1.) Is the solar company known for having a good reputation and is it locally owned?

Knowing a company is established with a good reputation can give you the reassurance that you’ll also be taken care of. Sunlogix Energy is a locally owned solar company in California located in Palm Desert. Sunlogix has high ratings across Google and Yelp.

2.) Is your solar installer licensed?

Having a licensed installer to get your solar panels properly installed is important to ensure they’re working efficiently and that they’ll be producing at their optimal capacity. At Sunlogix Energy, we use licensed solar installers to help get your solar panels installed.

3.) What type of solar panel does the solar company use?

Solar panels are considered different in various ways. A few of the most important ways that make solar panel brands different are their durability, performance, and warranties they come with. At Sunlogix Energy, we use LG Solar panels due to these three factors. LG solar panels are known to be the most durable, have the best performance, and offer the best equipment warranty. LG Solar panels are designed to last and produce the highest power output in the industry. In addition, with these solar panels, you get a 25-year equipment and workmanship warranty. 

4.) What solar panel size do I need for my house?

The total system size you need is based on the amount of electricity you need to support your property for the year. A company that is well experienced and knowledgeable is able to determine the correct size system you will need not only based on your past usage but take into consideration your lifestyle. For instance, you might choose to get an electric vehicle or upgrade various components in your home that need more electricity in the future. In addition, your roof’s sustainability and wattage of the panels are another factor that is used to evaluate the final size of the system. As a result, when you are choosing a solar company you want to compare the system size that is recommended.

5.) Is your payment staying the same, or will it increase over time?

Most reputable solar companies will give you the option to keep your payment the same until the end of your contract. At times, some companies will advertise for low payment and raise the price after a certain amount of time you are in the contract. We recommend you read the fine print of the contract and ask whether or not your payment will stay the same. At Sunlogix Energy, we have various solar financing options you choose from when you purchase your solar panels. We understand that investing in solar power for your home is a big decision which is why we work with you to get you the best deal. Our team of solar installers is dedicated to making your switch to solar an easy and smooth process. You can give us a call at 760 – 844 –  6507 or get a free solar quote online to get in touch with our team.

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