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Power Outages and Solar Battery Storage

Power Outages and Solar Battery Storage

How Solar Storage Keeps Your Home Running During Power Outages

Power outages are one of the main reasons people decide to install battery storage for their solar panels. They offer a reserve of energy for when the power goes out, helping to keep your essential electronics running when the grid goes down.

How long your battery can power your home during an outage is dependent upon:

  • Your battery storage capacity
  • The output of your solar panel system
  • Your electrical needs during an outage

If you want to add solar battery storage to your existing system or are installing a new system and want to include battery storage, call the experts at Sun Logix. Our Coachella Valley solar installers can help you determine what battery system is best for your needs, how much storage you need, and everything you will need for installation.

Call Sun Logix for solar solutions in the Coachella Valley and request a quote today!

Budgeting Your Solar Energy During an Outage

In the event of an outage, it is best to budget your electrical usage to what you will need most to survive the duration of the outage. Many homeowners conserve energy where they can, saving it for:

  • Refrigerator
  • Cooking
  • Minimal lights
  • Device charging
  • Water heating

With conservation in mind, running your HVAC system uses excessive energy, so we recommend avoiding using HVAC functions when pulling from your battery during an outage.

Using Solar During a Power Outage

Solar energy systems without battery storage and are tied to the grid cannot run during outages. This is because grid-tied systems feed the power lines (grid) even when regular electricity is not. Utility workers working on restoring power grid functions are at risk if solar energy is flowing to the power lines, so grid-tied systems automatically shut down when there is an outage to protect the workers.

Luckily, solar energy systems that are off-grid or have battery storage can use the stored energy during an outage. It allows homeowners to keep their essential home functions going regardless of the grid being down.

Sun Logix Offers Solar Battery Storage Solutions in the Coachella Valley

Switching to solar has plenty of benefits for your Coachella Valley home, and keeping the lights on when the grid goes down is at the top of the list. With solar battery storage from Sun Logix, you can bank your excess solar energy to use whenever you need it. We can help you determine how many batteries you need, what your energy consumption will be during outages, and answer any other questions you may have.

For solar energy storage, you can count on, call the Coachella Valley solar installers at Sun Logix. We can help you build the perfect system for your home.

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