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Net Energy Metering 3.0 (NEM 3.0) by Sunlogix

NEM 2.0 Expiring Soon, What that Means and What to Expect from NEM 3.0

If you have been considering solar and you want to secure the benefits of the NEM 2.0 tariff you still have time! In just a few weeks, California will decide the new rates utilities will pay homeowners and businesses for the solar customers generate. This new policy will be known as Net Energy Metering 3.0 (NEM 3.0)

What Exactly is Net Metering?

Net Metering gives customers the ability to earn credit for their utility for the electricity they generate and export back to the grid. When your property’s solar system generates more energy than it is using, owners can then supply the excess electricity back onto the power grid to be used by their community members. The utility company will then give a credit to the customer that generated the excess electricity and this credit will then be applied to the monthly bill.

What You Can Expect in NEM 3.0

With a new net metering policy on its way many people are wondering what to expect and what this could mean. The new NEM 3.0 will most likely result in a decrease in the value of energy produced by commercial and residential solar PV systems in California. The current major utility companies are attempting to force new and existing customers into the NEM 3.0 policy starting in January 2021.

How You Should Prepare

Currently, with the NEM 2.0, consumers are getting the best net metering benefits. These benefits will most likely come to an end once the new NEM 3.0 is implemented. If you’re looking to avoid the new program your best option is to get grandfathered into the NEM 2.0. This means that going solar now would be your best option to lock you in the NEM 2.0 benefits for 20 years. 

The second option would be to install a solar backup battery system that would give you independence from your utility company. In addition, you won’t have to rely on any of their net metering policies. Instead of sending your excess power back to the grid and receiving credits you can use your battery to store the excess electricity and use it when you need.

Find The Best Solar Solution

At Sunlogix Energy, we are always staying up to date with policy changes and we’re here to keep you informed. Our team of solar installers, financial advisors, and account managers can help you make the best decision when you’re looking to go solar. We are a California solar company with years of experience working with California homeowners and businesses, helping them save money when they decide to invest in solar. We are dedicated to ensuring you take advantage of all the solar tax credits and incentives available to you. If you are looking to go solar, we recommend you take advantage of all the benefits and incentives in California that are available now. We want to ensure that we can grandfather you into the NEM 2.0 policy so you can save money before the policy changes. Getting a free quote to see how much you’ll save with solar is simple when you get in touch with our team today. 

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