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Is Solar Worthwhile in the Winter?

Is Solar Worthwhile in the Winter?

It may be surprising to learn that as the summer heat winds down and the winter approaches, your solar panel performance may improve. Because the panels absorb sunlight, not heat, they will still be beneficial during winter months. Any diminished output will only be due to fewer daylight hours.

Your solar will be producing all year round, and with solar panels, components, and especially battery systems installed by the team at Sun Logix, you have power to rely on day or night. Our Coachella Valley solar experts can ensure that you have the perfect system to fit your needs and your budget.

Call Sun Logix for expert solar installation in the Coachella Valley any time of year. We’re here to give you the freedom of solar no matter the season.

How Solar Panels Create Energy More Efficiently in the Winter

Electrons are at rest (low energy) in cooler temperatures. When electrons are made active by increasing sunlight (high energy), a greater voltage difference is achieved within the solar panel, creating more energy. Because of this difference or increase, solar cells produce energy more efficiently when they are a bit cooler.

In addition, because solar panel performance decreases when the panels get too hot, they are more likely to be able to maintain peak performance when the temperatures drop.

Can Solar Panels Produce Energy in the Rain?

Yes! The sun still delivers energy through rain and clouds. Although panels work best with direct sunlight, they can still use diffused or indirect sunlight to generate energy for your home. The rain and clouds diffuse sunlight off of the atmospheric particles that exist in the dense rain clouds and water.

Rain also washes away any dust, dirt, and debris that exists on your panels. Anything that is blocking panels, like dust or dirt, will diminish the production of energy.

Make Your Energy this Winter with Solar Panels from Sun Logix

Don’t worry about waiting until spring or summer to install solar panels on your home. Fall and winter are great months for solar energy production. Our Coachella Valley solar installers can help you determine what kind of system will work best for your needs and create a cohesive system that will produce energy all year round. Your comfort at home includes access to energy whenever you need it, solar panels give you that freedom.

Sun Logix solar energy experts in the Coachella Valley provide excellent products, installation, and service, so you can count on us for the best in solar energy. Call us to request a free estimate today!

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