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How Safe Are My Solar Panels During Extreme Weather?

How Safe Are My Solar Panels During Extreme Weather?

Durable, Reliable Solar in the Coachella Valley with Sun Logix

With changes in the climate, unexpected rain and windstorms, and the extreme heat of the Coachella Valley summers, understanding solar panel durability is important when deciding to install. Luckily, Sun Logix installs highly durable, safe, and secure solar panels and systems that can withstand our extreme weather here in the Coachella Valley. Changes in the weather can affect the output of your solar panels, but they are durable and built to withstand a wide range of weather changes.

Sun Logix can help outfit your home or business with reliable, renewable energy that provides security during blackouts and freedom from increasing energy costs. Our solar panels are built to withstand the extreme heat and often unpredictable winters in the Coachella Valley.

Call our Coachella Valley solar installers today to learn more about solar options and request a free quote from Sun Logix.

Solar Panel Durability Throughout the Seasons

Solar panels are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and hold up well against heat, wind, rain, and snow. Each temperature or weather condition may affect your panels differently.

  • Heat: Extreme heat may not pose a risk to the integrity of your solar panels, but it can affect their efficiency. High temperatures can decrease the output of energy from your solar panels. Many new solar customers may think that the sun’s heat provides energy, but it is the light that generates power. Generally, solar panels have an operating range of approximately -40 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so you don’t have to worry about complete loss of power with temperatures well within that range.
  • Wind: How solar panels withstand wind depends on the type of panel and the strength and durability of their mounting installation. Most panels can withstand winds up to 120mph. The biggest risk of solar panel damage from wind is lifting, so proper and secure mounting is critical. Depending on your location and jurisdiction requirements, Sun Logix offers systems designed and installed to withstand winds up to 130mph.
  • Rain: Rain can reduce your solar panel output by obscuring the sunlight, but there is little risk of damage from rainy weather. Luckily, rain also cleans dust, dirt, and debris from your panels, helping to improve efficiency after the rain.
  • Hail: Hail can damage solar panels if the hail pieces are large and persistent enough, depending on the type of panel. Polycrystalline silicon panels have a layer of glass that is less durable than monocrystalline panels, so they are more likely to be damaged by extreme hailstorms.
  • Snow: Snow will typically not damage your solar panels, but if snow piles up on top of your panels it will reduce the amount of light the panels receive. During heavy snowfall, it is best to clear the snow off panels to improve efficiency as well as prevent the unlikely damage of cracks or support mounting damages.

Trust the Coachella Valley Solar Experts at Sun Logix

With education and information provided by the expert solar installers at Sun Logix, you can switch to solar with confidence. Our Coachella Valley solar installation team can provide the solar panels, inverters, and battery systems you need for home or office energy security. Let our solar professionals help you find security from blackouts and freedom to use energy when and how you want to. Don’t worry about extreme weather with durable, reliable panels, mounting, and systems from Sun Logix.

Request a quote from Sun Logix today and learn about your solar options with our Coachella Valley solar experts.

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