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How Installing Solar Increases Commercial Property Value

How Installing Solar Increases Commercial Property Value

Increase Your Property Value with Commercial Solar  

As business demand for solar increases and the value of large-scale solar grows, commercial real estate owners can expect a proportionate increase in property value when solar is included. The demand for energy alternatives in the commercial space, for energy security during blackouts and to save money on utilities, make properties with existing solar even more valuable.

With commercial solar, business owners can expect lower overhead, an increase in bottom line numbers, and a return on their solar investment both during their time at the property and when they decide to sell. Sun Logix can help you determine the number of solar panels your commercial property needs, the system components that will fit your budget, and how to configure your system. Let us help you increase your property value while saving money on your utility costs.

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Commercial Solar Benefits for Your Bottom Line and Property Value

As all business owners know, the goal of any venture is profit, and with solar, you can see an increase in profit, decrease in overhead costs, and enjoy a long lifespan with energy independence. Commercial solar provides an immediate return on investment, and as solar energy usage grows in popularity, you can expect continual growth in the value of your commercial property when you have solar. This is especially true for properties in sunny Southern California, that experience an abundance of sunshine-filled days with high energy production.

Installing commercial solar provides several benefits that include:

  • Reduced overhead. Solar reduces your grid energy usage immediately, decreasing your utility costs substantially. You can expect changes in your grid-electricity dependence, and if you choose to go off-grid, it will eliminate your electric bill. (Off-grid options are subject to city/county guidelines and approval.)
  • Little upkeep and lasting power. Solar panel systems are low maintenance and have a decades-long life expectancy. With periodic cleanings and annual inspections for connection function, panel upkeep or repairs, and output monitoring, you can rely on your solar panels with little to no work.
  • Clean energy. Your customers will know that your company cares about the environment and how you use energy when you install solar. Solar energy gives you the benefit of a positive brand identity over companies that rely on grid-tied energy systems.  
  • Return on investment. Not only can you enjoy lower overhead, and an immediate return on the solar investment, but you also can enjoy an increase in property value when it comes time to sell your commercial property. Tax credits, rebates, and solar incentives are a bonus for switching to commercial solar.

Switch to Solar for Your Coachella Valley Commercial Property with Sun Logix

When you are ready to make an investment in your commercial property that provides immediate and long-term returns, switch to solar with Sun Logix. Our experienced, knowledgeable solar installers can help you decide what products suit your needs, how much solar will fit your roof space, and the number of panels you need to fill your energy requirements. We can help you switch to solar in the Coachella Valley, so you are secure when the grid goes down, ensuring your business functions are not halted when the power goes out.

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