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Am I Able To Install Solar Panels To My Roof?

If you are contemplating going solar, you also most likely have a few questions about whether or not solar is right for you and your home or if it is the most cost-effective source of energy to power your home.

Before anything, it’s important to figure out if solar panels make sense for your home. Below you will find a few important questions our energy specialists ask customers that are interested in buying or leasing a solar energy system.

What type of roof do you have?

You must have a strong and durable roof which can include asphalt or composite shingles, standing seam metal, or concrete tile. Nonetheless, if you have a roof with a wood shake, slate tile, or clay with mortal or stone/metal costed steels you are still able to go solar. However, we recommend you work with solar experts who have had experience installing solar panels on your type of roof.

We use Ironridge Mounting Brackets that are made strong, simple, cost-effective and maintain the highest quality material. Every product is designed and tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure the safety of your home and the quality of your solar panel system.

How much sunlight does your roof obtain?

One of the best tools to use if you are wondering the amount of sunlight your roof receives is by using Google Project Sunroof. If you are living in the Coachella Valley area, we have compiled the average amount of sunlight homes receive within the major cities of Coachella Valley. Once you learn how much sunlight your home receives you can schedule a consultation with our solar energy specialists to analyze the direction your roof faces and the amount of shade your home receives. If your home receives more direct sunlight the better power your solar panels will generate.

What type of climate does your area generally receive?

While it’s true solar energy can be produced in all types of climates whether its snow, rain or hot conditions we see in Los Angeles or Coachella Valley. It is still extremely important to understand what that means for your homes ability to produce the power needed to generate energy through your solar panels. Our solar energy specialists will estimate the amount of energy your home will generate so you can assess the potential savings you’ll receive before going solar.

If you think your house is may qualify for solar or you are simply not sure you can easily find out how much you will save by requesting a free solar estimate for your home to take advantage of the best incentives today or give us a call at (888) 844 – 3808.

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