Solar Energy for Coachella Valley Water Districts

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Water District Solar Energy Solution

Water Districts Save Millions With Sunlogix Energy

The world today runs on a partnership between energy production and water. The conventional energy sources use a lot of water to produce electricity and it takes a lot of energy to create water that is drinkable. Choosing solar energy for water districts offers a more eco-friendly option to produce electricity. At Sunlogix Energy, your local California solar company, we are driven to provide an alternative option to water districts to help them save money and in return contribute to a healthier environment.

The cost of the process to generate clean and drinkable water through water treatment has been increasing over the years. Some water districts had seen 3 times higher increase in their energy bill within a few years due to the cost of operation increase. While some water is required to clean solar panels, they are low maintenance and high efficiency.

Water Districts Save $150,000 Yearly

Local Governments Spend 30-40%

of all energy on water delivery and wastewater treatment

Indio Water District
Saved Big With Sunlogix Energy

Industrial solar installation

Economic Benefit

Water districts can easily beat the rising energy cost with solar energy solutions. The investment in a solar energy system will reduce the dependency on traditional local utility companies in California. Evaluating both the long and short-term benefits of using solar energy can make a difference in millions saved for your business. The money that is saved can be used for more efficient pumps, equipment, and infrastructure.

Tax Credit

 Becoming energy independent means you don’t have to follow the cost of your local power utility company and you can start producing your own energy through solar panel installation. Claiming your energy independence means you can take advantage of local state incentives, rebates, and Federal tax credit.

Making a Statement

By going solar, you’re helping the community thrive by creating more jobs and contributing to a more sustainable planet. This positive statement shows your employees and potential partners where you stand through the utilization of solar energy to operate your business putting your principles on display.

Tax Credit Savings

Jan. 01 through Dec. 31st, 2020
Jan. 01 through Dec. 31st, 2021
Jan. 01, 2022 +
Savings 10%

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