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Solar Energy for Coachella Valley Healthcare Buildings

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry Saves Billions With Sunlogix Energy

The healthcare industry is turning to solar power and they’re saving billions. Establishments such as hospitals and other medical institutions have an increased demand for power which is why installing solar panels is a no brainer. For institutions that are spending over $5,000 in electricity costs, considering to go solar has its various benefits.

$10 Billion In Yearly Energy Savings

4th Highest Energy Consumers

Healthcare Industry

Solar Installation For Healthcare In California

Economic Benefit

The healthcare industry is the 4th largest energy consumer which means it has a high demand for power. In order to run sophisticated machinery and equipment such as ventilators, CT scanners, MRI machines you need a lot of power and most importantly you need power all day every day. The more modern day hospitals are almost always going to have central air-conditioning, elevators, and many lights. By utilizing solar energy this can be used to power and light the indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, healthcare organizations can in many cases eliminate their electric bill. Solar storage requires very little maintenance giving you the ability to power your institution 24/7. If any excess energy generated isn’t used this has be sold back to the grid to be claimed as a credit in the electric bill.

Tax Credit

The solar industry has made it affordable to install a solar system and has become a total electricity solution for many businesses. By installing solar panels to your business you can acquire a 20% return on this investment. Once the initial cost of installation is incurred, there is little to no maintenance required and you’ll be enjoying free energy moving forward. In addition, you’ll reap the benefits of a tax credit for helping your community and environment.

Making a Statement

By joining the solar movement with Sunlogix Energy, you’ll be making a big statement as a healthcare institution whether you are running a nursing home, hospital or any other healthcare organization. Your institution will be making the statement that it stands by sustaining the world with cleaner power. Your staff, community in California, and patients will appreciate your investment in energy efficient solutions.

Rooftop Solar For Hospitals in Palm Desert, CA

Rooftop Solar For Hospitals

Installing rooftop solar panels to your healthcare organization is an optimal choice in helping reduce expenses and continue to remain efficient.

Solar Panel Carport For Hospitals in Palm Desert, CA

Solar Panel Carport For Hospitals

Your healthcare organization can easily protect the cars on the parking lot from bad weather and the sun while making a clear statement where your healthcare institution stands on sustainability. By adding in electric vehicle charging stations this shows who you are and what you stand for as an organization.

Tax Credit Savings

Jan. 01 through Dec. 31st, 2020
Jan. 01 through Dec. 31st, 2021
Jan. 01, 2022 +
Savings 10%
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