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Are Solar Panels on your Home Worth Having?

These days, a lot of people are talking about renewable energy. With President Biden pledging to take the country to clean energy by 2035, commercial and residential solar alike are booming. But is having solar panel installation on your home really worth it? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons solar power installation is a good idea.

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Why are Solar Energy Systems not More Popular?

If you’ve done your homework on solar energy, you know that the solar trends right now point to increased efficiency and lower costs for solar power installation and maintenance. Knowing that solar power decreases not only your electric costs but also your carbon footprint, you might think that homeowners would be rushing to make residential solar the standard. Why aren’t they?

What are The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy?

As the cost of electricity rises and people become increasingly concerned with reducing their carbon footprint, many are going for solar power installation. If you’re considering it, you may be wondering if solar energy is the right choice for you. Here, we discuss some pros and cons of residential solar installation, so you can make an educated decision.

Is Installing Solar Panels on your Home Financially Wise?

Are you weighing the cost and benefits of residential solar? For many homeowners, the idea of sustainable solar energy is dampened by the reality of solar panel installation cost. Fortunately, there are tax breaks and other benefits that can reduce your solar panel cost and make it a much more solid financial decision. Let’s take …

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