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on an average home in La Quinta, California


on an average home in La Quinta, California


on average in La Quinta, California

Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

Indian Wells is a city located between Palm Springs and La Quinta in the Coachella Valley with a population of 5,404 according to the United States census conducted in 2017. The city of Indian Wells is known to have exquisite tennis courts, great dining spots, and immaculate golf courses. The homes and condos located in Indian Wells are attractive to luxury homebuyers due to the prestigious country clubs and access to amazing city amenities such as fitness facilities, discounts on clubhouse dining, and golf discount.

This desirable city also offers clear skies and about 1,944 hours of usable sunlight per year. A result of this ideal weather makes it an easy choice to use alternative options of energy such as solar panels. Many residents living in the city of Indian Wells have made the choice to use solar power as their source of energy to power their homes, businesses, and electric cars. Several businesses located near Cook St, Indian Wells, California 92210 decided to use solar panels as their source of energy. These business owners have seen their electricity bill either eliminated or significantly decreased and anticipate saving more than $10,000 over 20 years. Business owners also enjoy the low solar panel maintenance that comes with using solar energy in the city of Indian Wells.

La Quinta Solar Installation

Residential Solar in La Quinta

As utility bills skyrocket and energy becomes less available, it pays to generate your own, with the help of solar by SunLogix. Our residential solar energy systems can help you reduce your energy bills, become less dependent on the grid, and even earn up to a 30% federal tax credit.

The SunLogix solar installation team in La Quinta can analyze your utility costs and energy usage to determine the best brands and number of panels you need for your home. Let us help you become more energy independent and go green with solar!

La Quinta Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar installation takes your business to the next level in environmental friendliness and eco-conscious practices. Switching to solar from grid electrical can help reduce your carbon footprint, showing your customers or clients that you care about your impact. It helps your business move into the future of energy while increasing your profit margins and bottom line. {Learn more}

Solar Storage with SunLogix

Solar energy systems work best when they are attached to batteries for solar energy storage. Our team can build a solar storage system that fits the needs of your commercial or residential structure, allowing it to continue functioning even when there is no direct sunlight available. Stored solar energy allows you to remain comfortable whether your neighbors have power or not.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

Our team provides solar maintenance and repairs for new and preexisting solar panels and systems. Maintenance and repairs are key in upholding your system’s lifespan as well as retaining maximum efficiency.

Voted Best of Desert in the Coachella Valley

SunLogix is proud to boast of being voted Best of Desert for three years in a row. This special designation recognizes our dedication to excellence in workmanship, customer service, and quality of business within our community. It ensures that our customers can trust our team in Cathedral City to provide dependable service and quality products for residential and commercial solar.

Coachella Valley Elite Pearl-Certified Solar Installers

We are the only pearl-certified solar installation company in the Coachella Valley, a standing we proudly uphold. This elite certification signifies maximum home and commercial appraisal and only the best in products and services from SunLogix.

Solar Energy System Financing from SunLogix in La Quinta

We offer a variety of purchase and lease options for our solar customers at SunLogix. With your budget in mind, we can work with you to determine your affordable choices in brand, number of panels, and system components. With free estimates available and an opportunity to earn a 30% federal tax credit, the time to go solar is now!

Call SunLogix for Solar in La Quinta!

Backed by 50 years of combined experience in the industry, the SunLogix solar professionals in La Quinta are here to make your solar dreams come true. We offer the best products, services, and financing options so there is no reason not to make the switch. From installation to maintenance, panels to battery storage, we provide everything you need to switch from on-grid electricity to solar.

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Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

La Quinta is a Riverside County city located in the heart of Coachella Valley with a population of 41, 304 according to the 2017 US Census. Due to the quickly growing city, there has been a rapid expansion for businesses and housing. La Quinta is predominately known for being the “Gem of the Desert” because of its spectacular views of the Santa Rosa Mountains and an impressive selection of unique architecture and home prices that draw people in.

A result of the growing city means that new businesses and homeowners are searching for different ways they can save money and cut costs. One of the ways to save money is by choosing solar power as your source energy for your home or business. Many business owners in La Quinta have joined the energy independence movement in Southern California to save money and provide a safer energy source to the community.

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