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BETWEEN $100,000 - $450,000 SAVED OVER 25 YEARS

on an average home in Indio, California


on an average home in Indio, California


on an average home in Indio, California


on average in Indio, California

Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

Solar Installation in Indio

Indio’s Best: Voted Best in Desert 3 Consecutive Years

SunLogix Energy’s solar installers have been voted best solar installers “Best of Desert” in the Coachella Valley for three consecutive years. This award recognized our dedication to excellence in customer service, workmanship, and business quality within our community. Our Indio solar installation team upholds this designation with trusted technical service and installation workmanship you can believe in for residential and commercial solar.

Residential Solar in Indio

Switching to solar at your Indio home can help you see a reduction in utility costs, become less dependent on the grid, and earn up to a 30% federal tax credit when you install in 2023. Our team can help you analyze your bills and determine your expected annual energy usage to build your ideal system. We can recommend the best brands and number of panels for your system. {Learn more}

Commercial Solar Installation in Indio

Commercial solar for your business provides several positive benefits for your company. Not only can solar increase your bottom line and profit margin, but it will reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint. Choosing solar energy for your business shows your customers that you are working towards a greener future and care about the environment in your business functions. {Learn more}

Solar Battery Storage in Indio

Solar battery systems work best when attached to solar batteries for energy storage. Our team can build a solar storage system that suits your energy needs, at home or commercially. Battery storage gives you the ability to power your home or business when there is no direct sunlight available and stay running even when there is a blackout.

Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs

Although solar panel systems are typically known to be low maintenance, there is still a reason to perform maintenance and repairs for your system. Regular maintenance and periodical repairs can help ensure your solar panels remain at maximum efficiency and prolong their lifespan for years to come. Keeping your panels in top shape helps you get the most from your solar energy system. Our team performs maintenance and repairs for new and preexisting solar panels.

Finance Options for Purchase or Lease

SunLogix offers several different finance options to purchase or lease your new solar energy system. We can consider your budget and create an affordable option that fits your solar needs. Our goal is to help you get the system that will work for you, without the stress of limited financial options. We can help you install it in 2023 so that you can earn a 30% federal tax credit. There is no reason to wait, request your free estimate and earn your federal tax credit before the end of 2023.

Pearl-Certified Solar Experts

We are proud to say we are the only pearl-certified solar installation company in the Coachella Valley. This elite certification ensures that you receive maximum home and commercial appraisal as well as top-tier products, services, and workmanship from the team at SunLogix.

Choose SunLogix Solar Installation in Indio

SunLogix solar installation, maintenance, and repair services are backed by 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We provide installation and repairs with only the best products, from panels to batteries. Our technicians are well-equipped to provide exemplary customer service and technical help, so you never have to worry about the quality of care your system receives.

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Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

Indio is a Riverside County city located in Coachella Valley, California with a population of 76,036 according to the 2010 US Census. Indio city earned its nickname “City of Festivals” due to the number of festivals that are held all year round. The most commonly known festival is the Coachella Valley Festival of Music and Arts. The Coachella Valley Festival is known to bring people in from across the globe where many celebrities find themselves listening to rock, pop music, independent music, hip hop, and electronic dance music. This vibrant city is surrounded by high mountain ranges on its three sides which brings in a year-round warm climate with average temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect temperature makes Indio city an ideal location to use solar panels to its maximum capacity. Due to the 350 day of sunshine year-round many residents of Indio choose solar panels as their source of energy to power their homes, businesses, and vehicles. For instance, auto dealerships use 18% more energy than a typical office building in Indio city. As a result, car dealerships located on Varner Road, Indio, California 92203 have started to turn to solar panel installation as their primary choice to save money.

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