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on an average home in Coachella, California


on an average home in Coachella, California


on average in Coachella, California

Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

Coachella Solar Installation

3 Year Best of Desert: SunLogix

SunLogix is proudly a winner of Best of Desert for three consecutive years. This vote represents our dedication to excellence in customer service, workmanship, and business quality within our community. We uphold this title throughout Coachella, providing trusted service that you can count on for residential and commercial solar installation, maintenance, and repair.

Residential Solar Installation in Coachella

Solar installation at your home can equate to big changes in your utility costs and how you use energy. You’ll no longer have to worry about adhering to usage rules and times, as you can find energy independence with solar panels at home. Switching to solar helps reduce your electric bill and can even earn you a 30& federal tax credit when you install in 2023. Let our team analyze your utility costs and determine the best brands and number of panels to suit your family’s needs. {Learn more}

Commercial Solar in Coachella

Solar energy systems propel your business into a greener future, reducing your carbon footprint and helping show your customers that you are an environmentally friendly company. When you switch from traditional grid-sourced energy to solar, you can increase your profit margin and bottom line, reducing overhead for your business. Go green with solar and bring your business into the “green”! {Learn more}

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

Scheduling regular maintenance and performing repairs as needed helps to prolong the life of your solar panels while improving their efficiency. Our Coachella solar technicians can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your solar system with maintenance and repairs. We offer services for new and preexisting panels and systems.

Solar Battery Storage with SunLogix

You will get the most out of your residential or commercial solar when you include a battery with your solar energy system. The SunLogix team in Coachella can build a battery storage system that fits the needs of your home or commercial space, so you never have to worry about going dark during a blackout. Battery storage allows you to use your excess solar energy whenever you want to, whether there is direct sunlight or not.

Finance Options for Your Solar Energy System

SunLogix offers several purchase and lease options for your residential and commercial solar energy system. We can work with your budget and learn about your energy needs, developing affordable options that fit into both. With the chance to earn a 30% federal tax credit in 2023 and our free estimates, you have nothing to lose!

Our Solar Experts Are Pearl-Certified

SunLogix is honored to be the only elite pearl-certified solar installation company in the Coachella Valley. This certification designates that we represent maximum home and commercial appraisal and offer only the best in systems and services.

SunLogix is Backed By 50 Years of Combined Industry Experience

Our Coachella solar team has a combined 50 years of experience in the industry, with a dedication to providing top-tier service and high-quality products that you can trust. Our commercial and residential solar options can help you take your energy consumption from grid-dependent to independent.

SunLogix offers personalized solutions to your energy needs, and we offer free estimates! Call SunLogix in Coachella today to learn more!

Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018).

Coachella also known as the “City of Eternal Sunshine” is a Riverside County city located in Coachella Valley, California. The city of Coachella is one of the states fastest growing cities with 40,704 residents. Additionally, the city offers low home prices and can be a go-to spot for cautious home buyers.

Other factors that come with new homebuyers are costly utility prices which is why so many families and business owners in Coachella turn to alternative solutions such as solar power installation. By choosing solar panel installation in Coachella Valley so many families in Coachella are saving money and taking advantage of federal tax credits while they’re still available. Not only do families and commercial businesses save money by choosing solar energy as their home or business energy system but they’re also contributing to a cleaner and healthier community in Coachella Valley, Califronia. Many business owners in California such as businesses located on Cesar Chavez St, Coachella, California 92236 have seen an increase in employee satisfaction knowing the company they work for takes part in giving back to the community through the utilization of solar energy. Being a part of the solar energy community contributes to the sustainability and growth of the communities future and their families future living in the Coachella Valley area.

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